Name : Azithromycins
other name :Kitasamycins
CAS NO. : 83905-01-5
MF : C38H72N2O12
MW : 748.99
Appearance : White crystalline powder
Purity : 50% -99%
Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade & Veterinary Grade
Usage : Antibiotics used for a variety of sensitive bacterial infections, such as respiratory infection; skin and soft tissue infection
Packing:Foil bag or Stealth package
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Usage :
1,Labelled Azithromycin, a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic; related to Erythromycin A. Antibacterial.
2,Azithromycin is a semi-synthetic, ring-expanded erythromycin, produced by a Beckmann rearrangement of erythromycin oxime and reduction to the imine ether, followed by reductive methylation. Azithromycin was the first of the azalides and was designed to improve stability and biological half-life of erythromycin A, as well as improve activity against Gram negative bacteria.
3,Cephalosporin antibiotic


Product name Azithromycins Quantity 1000kg
Batch No. 20170106 Package 25kg/drum
Date of manufacturing 2017.01.08 Shelf -life 2019.12
Quality standard CP 2010 / YBH22162006
Items Specification Results
Character Should be white or almost white crystalline powder, odorless, bitter, micro-induced wetting; White crystalline powder
    Specific rotation Should be -45o~-49o -48o
Identification (1) Liquid phase identification In the chromatogram recorded under the content determination, the retention time of the main peak of the test solution should be consistent with the retention time of the main peak of the reference solution Conforms
(2) Infrared identification Infrared absorption spectra of the test sample should be consistent with the control map (spectrum set 772 map) Conforms
Examination Crystallinity Should be consistent Conforms
Alkalinity Should be 9.0~11.0 10.1
Relative substance(By HPLC) Azithromycins B ≤ 2.0% (oral); ≤ 1.0% (injection) 0.1%
Impurity R ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Impurity Q ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Impurity J ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Impurity I ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Impurity S ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Impurity A ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) 0.03%
Impurity H ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) not detected
Other single impurity ≤ 1.0% (oral); ≤ 0.5% (injection) 0.1%
Total impurities ≤ 4.0% (oral); ≤ 2.0% (injection) 0.3%
remaining solvent(By GC) acetone Not more than 0.5% 0.1%
Not more than 0.06% not detected
Moisture Not more than 5.0% 4.5%
Residue on ignition Not more than 0.2% 0.05%
Heavy metals ≤10ppm Conforms
Assay According to an anhydrous basis, this product contains azithromycins (C38H72N2O12), should be 96% to 102.0% 97.8%
Test results Qualified

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